Minden Roller Rink

Constructed sometime around 1980, the roller rink in Minden, Louisiana closed after only a few years, and in the interim was repurposed as an auto repair shop, an office-warehouse, and finally a furniture storage building. My client grew up skating at this rink, and had a real passion for reconstructing it in a modern aesthetic. So we set to work trying to figure out what a 2019 take on a 1980's idea would look like. 


95% of all interior partitioning is new, and the owner is in the process of working out the color schemes and logos with a graphic designer. 

The project will consist of restoring the 18,000 SF roller rink to its original constructed purpose, but with a better use of space, and more amenities. The scope is limited to reconfiguration of interior partitioning and renovation of interior fixtures and finishes. The new uses will include food and beverage concessions, two party rooms, a main dining area, skate rental and fitting areas, an old fashioned stand-up arcade game area, and a racetrack and play equipment for younger skaters.